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Nihilistic, profoundly unconventional, skeptical by definition, the Z generation includes all those people from the 90s, years of grunge music and the explosion of MTV. It’s an exposed and vulnerable, atheistic and anarchist culture in which fashion has played a fundamental role and a drastic change, which has remained sculpted in fashion culture and which periodically returns to be part of trends. MTSZ is a tribute to this decade and its characters, through a stylistic journey that collects and reworks the key pieces of the period, proposing not only clothing and accessories, but a real lifestyle.

The MTSZ woman is the direct descendant of Claudia, Cindy, Linda, Naomi and Christy, who imposed themselves on the catwalks around the world as an example of health and beauty, their style launched trends, their personality was the ingredient that the world talked about them and brought them up high, from models to successful entrepreneurs, photographers and creative artists. Not only on the catwalks, the 90’s fashion made its way through the streets, with bizarre prints and bright colors, choices influenced by the music industry, which today are proposed by the brand and developed in all its nuances.

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