FALL WINTER 2020-2021

Dalmatian shirt with jewel buttons

Dalmatian Woman BLAZER

Dalmatian Woman TROUSER

Dalmatian dress

Dalmatian blazer with pink revere details

Dalmatian T-shirt with jewel details

Pink skirt with dalmatian belt details

Black blazer with pink revere details and jewel buttons

White blazer with cristal jewel trimming and black revere

Asimetric black mini-dress with dalmatian details

Asimetric pink mini-dress with dalmatian details

Pink mini-dress with black sleve details

Black mini-dress with white sleve details

Black bomber with dalmatian neck

Black skirt with dalmatian belt

Black mini-dress with cristal trimming

Pink mini-dress with cristal trimming

Light blue long dress with cristal jewel trimming

Light blue shirt with cristal jewel details

pink suite

White T-shirt

Dalmatian bow

M.T.s.z. jeans

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